Synopsys helps PGC winning 90-nm design service business
(Success Story - Synopsys and PGC)



  PGC is specialized in ASIC Turnkey Design Service (S.O.C. I.P. ASIC Turnkey Design Service) sinde 1991. Who provides professional consulting to customers in the development of new products and helps them to optimize the functions. With the concept of cooperation by each other's talents, PGC associates pure fabrications (TSMC) and semiconductor package factories (ASE) to offer the highest quality ASIC and the best after-service, always make the products time to market.

  Right now, the trend of ASIC design is "System On a Chip". With advanced technologies, EDA Tools and completed ASIC design flow is very import, PGC inputs them from the worldwide EDA/IP(SYNOPSYS, AVANTI, PHOENIX, …etc.) companies (SoC ASIC Design Flow) in USA, which can help customers to control the timing and improve the design quality. In the contribution, it will increase two times on customers' design quantity and shrink about 30% in the Die Size to reach the purpose of cost down. Meanwhile, PGC always supports the most advanced & popular IP like as 0.35um / 0.5um / 0.6um Gate Array/Embedded Gate Array, 90nm/0.13um/0.15um / 0.18um / 0.25um / 0.35um / 0.5um / 0.6um Standard Cell / Memory Compiler, soft core IP (USB [Device, HUB, HOST], PCI Express, USB2.0 PHY,RISC 8051,8052,8086,80186, UART(C16550), IrDA, 1394, PCI, LVDS,I2C,AGP…) and TSMC hard core IP as PLL, A/D, D/A, special I/O, EMB-Flash, EMB-Memory provided by fabrications.

  Not only to assist customers in development of functioned ASIC, PGC also offers ASIC Turnkey Service. To assure the highest quality policy and shorten the lead time, PGC sets up a test factory(Agilent HP93K) in clean room with Class 1000 and performs test in house from wafer probing to 100% final test. Capacity up to 2 millions pcs. per month. In 9 years of experience to co-work with fabrications & package factories, PGC enables customers expanding their market share successfully.

  With honest, innovative, professional, high quality business principle and always pursuing customers satisfied, PGC has continued growing up from past years. To march forward the new century, PGC will promote the technologies and service to create more prosperous market with customers together.


1. PGC is entering the highly competitive design service market. PGC needs to demonstrate the capability to handle 90nm design to increase profit margin

2. broaden IP profile for SoC business.

New Flow, Results & Lessons Learned

  • Adopted IC Compiler for production use (communications, multi-media SoCs)
  • Continued to see Impressive performance numbers
    • ~5% to 18% faster performance
    • 30% WNS improvement with concurrent multi-mode optimization
  • TNS (Total Negative Slack) also a differentiator
    • 3X to 8X TNS reduction
  • TAT continues to be on average 2X faster
  • 10% to 12% improvement in dynamic and leakage power
  • Very good correlation w/ PrimeTime/StarRC XT