PGC Establishes Japan Branch in July  


  PGC always follow the idea of "where the customer is, where the service is". And after promoting its business for over ten years in Japanese market, PGC has set up a branch office in Sin-Yokohama Japan in July 2006. This branch office is dedicated to promote business in Japan and focus all strengths to cooperate with strategic customers and partners to occupy market share faster.

  Currently Japan market represents more than 30% of PGC's total revenues. PGC combines advanced technologies of 90nm and 0.13um process with SoC/SIP research and design service and helps to reduce the products design and development cycle time effectively and to perform Time-to-Market result. PGC believes with prompt and high quality service provided to Japanese customers and partners, mission of market share expansion shall be achieved successfully and gain the win-win benefits.