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ASIC Design Service

PGC provides circuit design components, various IPs while products starting from design to simulation, verification and IC APR layout. And then taped out to TSMC/VIS for CyberShuttle/MPW and wafer manufacturing, to ASE for packaging and product testing. Finally, delivering engineering samples to the customer for verification and mass production.

ASIC Mass Production Service

PGC provides comprehensive services to customers, including the entire process from IC design(GDSII) , mask manufacturing, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing. PGC delivers the finalized design to strategic partners such as TSMC/VIS. Our supply chain executes a seamless production service, starting from wafer production and to the final stages of ASE packaging and production testing.

IP Turnkey Service

PGC collaborates with IP partners such as Synopsys and third party IP partners to deliver a fully integrated IP solution. To meet customer requirements, we provide customized IP solutions to enhance product differentiation and accelerate time-to-market for our customers.

Complete Supply Chain and Worldwide Partner

Business Partners & Global clients: Europe, Germany, France, the United States, Japan, Israel, South Korea,
Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan and China…etc

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About PGC

Envisioning the Future, Driven by Breakthroughs and Innovation

PGC (TPEx:8227) was founded in 1991 and is one of Taiwan’s top 10 IC design service companies. PGC is a certified member of TSMC Design Center Alliance (DCA) ASIC Service Partner. Headquarters is located in Neihu Technology Park Taipei(Taiwan). PGC taped-out successfully more than 1000 projects at TSMC and produced several hundred million ICs in 33 years. PGC shipped IC products to hundreds of customers in Europe, USA, Japan, Israel, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, China and Taiwan. PGC continues making efforts to research and development of ASIC/SoC/IP Platform which is an innovative ASIC design service provider. PGC specializes in the design service of mass production for TSMC 12-inch advanced nm process, including 5nm/3nm node processes, provides TSMC CoWoS advanced package service, and cooperates closely with the high-end IC package company ASE to provide a variety of IP solutions and also provide Synopsys, M31 and eMemory advanced IP service to fulfill the diversified demands of customer targeted applications and especially provide all kinds of Analog IP and Mixed Signal IP to promote competitive advantage of customer’s product. PGC provides Synopsys (ICC2) IC design turnkey service for TSMC 3nm. PGC is a value-added ASIC design service provider for all customers in advanced technologies.

Since 1991, PGC has successfully completed over 1000 projects for hundreds of customers at TSMC. PGC has established long-term and stable partnerships with numerous domestic and international IP companies, accumulating extensive design experience in IP usage, integration, and verification. Moreover, PGC can customize various IPs for customers and continually pursues breakthroughs and innovations in ASIC/SoC/IP Platform ASIC development. Offering advanced and comprehensive Synopsys (ICC2) IC design turnkey services for TSMC 3nm, PGC stands as a leading provider of advanced technologies in the ASIC design service industry.

The applications include 3C products, Industrial Automatic Control, Aerospace, RF, Security, Storage, IoT, AI, MEMS, Networking, Automotive, Factory Automation, PLC, Medical, HPC, GPS, Communication, ADAS, FPGA, Multimedia, Smart meter, ASIC, IP Camera, 5G, CPU, Data Center, Machine Learning, AIoT, Image Processing, Biomedical, Edge Computing, Cloud Server, AR, VR, Drone, SoC, Edge AI, Sensor, Edge Server, Analog, SiP, Chiplets, High Voltage, ARM, USB, Electric Vehicle, BCD, 3D Package, etc.

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