COT/Foundry Turnkey Service

COT/Foundry Turnkey Service

Turnkey Testing Solution & Service

Turnkey Testing Solution
& ServiceFlash

Test Engineering Capabilities

Test Program Development

Digital (Function/DFT-ATPG-MBIST-JTAG), Mixed-signal (ADC/DAC…),Emb-memory (Flash/OTP), High-speed interface (USB/PCIe/LVDS/DDR…),High-voltage, Pattern conversion, Multi-tester platform

Test Fixtures Development

Socket, Probe Card, Load Board, Handle Change Kits, Tri-temperature

Production Support

Device characterization, Engineering data analysis, Failure analysis, Test time reduction, Yield improvement, Multi-site maximize throughput, Capacities expansion

Test Program Development Flow

Test Program
Development Flow

Tester Platform

Cost-Effective, Popular & Easy expansion of production capacity

Credence D10, Chroma 3650 series, Ytec S1007D

Digital Capability

Test speed 100/200MHz, Pattern size 16M, Scan / Emb-memory test

Mixed-signal / Analog Capability

AWG: 24-bit High-Precision or 16-bit high-speed (max 250MS/s)
Digitizer: 24-bit High-Resolution or 16-bit High-Speed (max 130MS/s)

Hi-Voltage Capability

±20V / ±45V / ±60V / ±150V

Reliability Test

Failure Analysis

Mass Production Control Flow

Mass Production Control Flow

Test Cost Reduction

DC/AC Scan Compression

Tradition Scan

Adaptive Scan

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