PGC collaborates with Synopsys to provide TSMC 3nm APR physical design service

PGC collaborates with Synopsys to provide TSMC 3nm APR physical design service

With the recent booming development in advanced process application markets such as AI, 5G, HPC, cloud servers, analog ICs, and consumer electronics, the demand for Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) has shown significant growth. PGC, as a strategic partner of TSMC Design Center Alliance (DCA), is dedicated to providing ASIC design service solutions. Teaming up with Synopsys, PGC offers TSMC 3nm APR physical design service, utilizing the Synopsys IC Compiler II design platform to meet the demands of advanced process technology.

TSMC 3nm FinFET (N3) technology transforms the transistor architecture from traditional planar design to vertical FinFET design, resembling fish fins in structure, hence termed “FinFET.” N3 represents a leading logic process technology node, effectively reducing leakage and power consumption. With the complexity of chip design increasing, combined with APR physical design service, precise optimization of Integrated Circuit (IC) performance, power consumption, and area (PPA) can be achieved.

About PGC
Established in 1991, PGC (TPEx: 8227) is headquartered in Taipei. PGC specializes in ASIC Turnkey service, providing complete integration and mass production services for System-on-Chip (SoC) and Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC). PGC have established long-term stable partnerships with IP companies both domestically and internationally, including Synopsys, M31, eMemory, and others, offering comprehensive IP solutions. As a member of TSMC Design Center Alliance (DCA), PGC have successfully Tape out over 1000 projects at TSMC. Moreover, a close collaboration with the packaging manufacturer ASE ensures the complete high-quality turnkey service to customers.

About Synopsys
Catalyzing the era of pervasive intelligence, Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) delivers trusted and comprehensive silicon to systems design solutions, from electronic design automation to silicon IP and system verification and validation. We partner closely with semiconductor and systems customers across a wide range of industries to maximize their R&D capability and productivity, powering innovation today that ignites the ingenuity of tomorrow.

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